Maxxair 00A04401k MaxxFan RV 12V Roof Vent - Smoke - Manual Opening - Ceiling Controls

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  • Maxxair 00A04401k MaxxFan RV 12V Roof Vent - Smoke - Manual Opening - Ceiling Controls
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Maxxair 00A04401k MaxxFan RV 12V Roof Vent - Smoke - Manual Opening - Ceiling Controls

This manual-lift roof vent has a 4-speed fan for efficient airflow inside your RV, camper, or trailer. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed. The manual knob opens and closes the dome, and the removable bug screen keeps insects out.

Variable-Speed Fan: The 12-volt, variable-speed fan operates in manual mode. You can choose from 4 different speeds to increase or reduce the airflow as needed. This fan also exhausts stale air out of your RV. To enter ceiling fan mode, close the vent while the fan is still running. The fan then circulates the air inside your RV like a ceiling fan. The fan has a fuse-protected, ball bearing motor that is sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture.

Flush-Mounted Keypad: The flush-mounted keypad on the vent enables you to operate the fan, including turning the fan on or off. You can also control the fan speed.

Manual-Lift Dome with Twin Arms: The dome on this roof vent is constructed of durable high-density polyethylene, and it is translucent so that some natural light can shine through. When it's closed, the dome provides a seamless, low-profile appearance that blends into the roof of your RV. Unlike a dome that has only 1 arm, this manual-lift dome is supported by 2 sturdy arms so that it will not flutter during high winds or while you are driving. And a manual hand knob is built into the underside of the vent to allow you to open and close the dome. Pull the knob outward, turn it to where you want it, and push it in to lock the dome into place.

Removable Bug Screen: This vent has a bug screen that helps keep insects and debris out of your RV. It is secured to the vent with 4 built-in retainer clips. These clips make it easy to remove the screen for cleaning or maintenance. Just rotate the clips, and the screen will pop out.

- Fits roofs 2" to 6-1/2" thick
Note: If roof is less than 2" thick, the ceiling must be built up
- Rough opening size: 14-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" long
- Vent extends above roof:
- 4-1/4" Closed
- 12-1/4" Open

Optional Installation Kits
60007 EZ Universal Installation Kit
4182311 Metal and Fiberglass Roof Installation Kit
4182502 Rubber Roof Installation Kit


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