Isotherm 1200BB4YK Cruise 200 Stainless Steel Electric Refrigerator/Freezer - AC/DC - 7.0 C/F

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Isotherm 1200BB4YK Cruise 200 Stainless Steel Electric Refrigerator/Freezer
The Isotherm Cruise 200 Clean Touch Stainless Steel is the latest development in the Cruise Elegance line. The new Isotherm Clean Touch stainless steel is specially treated to remain clean to the touch and resist the rigors of the marine environment. The Clean Touch has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance as well as resistance to stains. As the premier marine refrigeration brand, the Isotherm Clean Touch provides excellent resistance to salt spray, sun, heat, UV, and condensation in the marine environment.
Marine Quality
The Isotherm refrigerator is engineered to meet the demanding conditions of life at sea. Manufactured with marine-grade materials to resist corrosion from saltwater, enduring constant movement and vibrations. High performance and low power draw are critical in the marine environment, so the Isotherm refrigerator has extra insulation to reduce battery consumption, resulting in superior performance. Unlike Indel Webasto, competing truck refrigerator brands cut the cost of manufacturing by reducing the insulation, since truck refrigerators are intended to receive consistent power from an alternator, making power savings less important.
Italian Design
The Italian design is reflected in the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and focus on aesthetics in the Isotherm refrigerator. Italian design principles emphasize both form and function, which translates into the Isotherm refrigerator that not only performs exceptionally well but also boast a sleek and modern design that seamlessly fits into the interior of your campervan or RV. Indel Webasto has continued to innovate and improve its refrigeration technology, incorporating the latest advancements to ensure energy efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation. This dedication to research and development has solidified Isotherm's reputation as a leading brand in the marine and mobile refrigeration industry, offering a top-tier product designed and crafted with Italian precision and ingenuity.
Why go electric?
The electric only refrigerators are compressor operated instead of the traditional RV gas absorption operation. This allows for more efficiency during 120 volt and 12 volt use. Exterior ventilation is not required, like propane operated refrigerators. Gas absorption refrigerators must be level to operate, Isotherm refrigerators are capable of functioning at angles of up to 30°.
Low voltage protection
In order to prevent excessive battery depletion, a protection device shuts off the compressor in case of insufficient voltage (10.4v) and turns it back on when the voltage in the system increases after the batteries have been charged (11.7v).
Electric refrigerators are sensitive to power changes or insufficient power. It is important that the system can handle 15 amps of 12V DC power. A minimum of 10 gauge wire for installations up to 12 ft. is required. If the refrigerator is supplied with insufficient power, it will not operate, or show signs of difficulty operating.
Additional Info
Volume (cu.ft.)
Cut-Out Dimensions
29 "W x 34 ¾"H x 24 ¼"D
Overall Dimensions (w/ Flange)
30 ¼"W x 35 ½" H x 24 ¼"D
Refrigerator Interior Dimensions
15 ½"W x 30 ¼" H x 19"D
Freezer Interior Dimensions
6 ¾"W x 29 ½" H x 18 ½"D
Power Source
12V DC / 120V AC
Instantaneous Power Consumption
84 Watts
Average Daily Power Consumption
800 Watts
Secop BD50F
Weight (lbs)
Door Reversable
Note:The dimensions listed here are for reference and are not intended to be used for cabinet design. We highly recommend taking measurements from the actual product before finalizing the design of your cabinetry and/or cutouts.
What's Included
1x Refrigerator
1x Instruction Manual
What's Not Included
Mounting Screws
Important Shipping Information
This product is crated for shipment to ensure product safety during transit. Due to this, there could be up to a 48 hour delay for the shipment to leave our facilities. This product cannot be shipped via expedited shipping.
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