Brisk Air II Air Conditioners

Brisk Air II Air Conditioners

You've decided to go with the Dometic Brisk Air II, now let's pinpoint which model is right for your application. Dometic offers several different variations of Brisk Air II's, so it's important to understand what each one offers. Here are some terms to be familiar with before making your choice.

Standard Models: These units offer cold air only to your RV for climate control.

Heat Pump Models: These units offer cold air to your RV and are equipped with a heat pump in order to assist in heating your RV. Heat Pumps are designed to work in geographically mild areas in temperatures above 40°F. If the outdoor temperature drops below 40°F, the primary heating system should be activated.

BTU's (British Thermal Unit): The BTU rating determines how quickly and effectively the air conditioner can cool a certain area. 13.5K BTU's are typically sufficient for small trailers and truck campers. The 15K units are commonly found on trailers and motorhomes.

Controls: For new installs you will need to purchase additional accessories to control the air conditoner. Each air conditioner is designed for certain control applications. The accessories can be found on the product page. ADB Ceiling Controls means the A/C controls can be found on the lower assembly. Single Zone LCD Controls means the A/C is meant to be operated as a single unit, and the wall thermostat you choose will only send information to the one A/C. Multi-Zone CCCII Controls means you're able to pair up several A/C's that are controlled by one thermostat. If you choose a system requiring a wall thermostat, you will need to also purchase a compatible lower assembly for each air conditioner.