New Installations

New Installations

Dometic™ New Installation Awning Options


Dometic offers a variety of patio awnings to meet everyones needs. New installations can be manually operated or elecrically operated for ease of use. A self contained case awning or a traditional awning with extension arms. Available in different levels of quality.
Dometic™ Awning Options
Manual Awnings
Electric Awnings

How to Choose
Operation Style
Open and close your awning a pull strap and spring.
Open and close your awning via 12 volt power and a switch.

Fabric Style
Vinyl Fabric
Vinyl is the most-used awning fabric in the industry. Vinyl fabric consists of a woven polyester base layer which is laminated between two sheets of vinyl. The vinyl then receives a clear protective coat. The vinyl fabric is formulated to resist fading and contains anti-fungal properties to prevent mold and mildew.
Acrylic Fabric
Acrylic fabric is a woven cloth that allows air to circulate through the fabric. The material is made by weaving various colors of yarn to form a color, texture or pattern. This fabric offers a premium look and feel to it.

Weathershield Style
A vinyl weathershield is going to be the same material as the fabric. Vinyl weathershields are affordable, but don't offer the most protection from the weather. If you live in an area where it get's extremely hot, then it's recommended to upgrade to the metal weathershield.
Metal weathershields offer the most protection when the awning is rolled up. As stated above, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, the metal weathershield is the way to go for a longer life on your awning fabric.
A case awning is only available for the 9500 series awnings. The case covers the full awning, offering the most protection from weather and road debris.