De-Winterize your Fresh Water System

How to De-Winterize your RV Fresh Water System
It’s that time of year, grab your RV from storage and start prepping it for the first camping trip. Here are a few tips and reminders to check your fresh water system before you drive off.
Flush the System
To de-winterize your RV, start by filling your fresh water tank by the gravity fill. After the tank is filled, remove the bi-pass on the water heater to run fresh water through the hot and cold lines. Turn on the water pump, open all the faucets and begin running fresh water throughout the system. Don’t forget about the toilet, exterior faucets, showers, icemakers, and washer and dryers. Drain and refill until all the anti-freeze (if anti-freeze was used) is out of the system and you are satisfied with the smell and taste of the water. Be sure to replace or clean all water filters or strainers.
Check for Leaks
Once you’ve filled up the fresh water tank, it’s time to hook up the city water and turn off the pump. With the system pressurized from the city water, inspect all the fresh water lines and piping. Look for any leaks that may have occurred from a harsh Winter. Common leak locations are found at the water heater, toilet valve, fresh water pump, and plumbing connections. If no leaks are found, disconnect the city water pressure.
It is recommended to use a tank sanitizer or water freshener during the de-winterizing process to keep a clean system and prevent any bacteria build up.
Please keep in mind, this is just an overview. We highly recommend before attempting to De-Winterize your RV you check with the manufacturer of your recreational vehicle about the proper procedure.