Rieco Titan 14062 Manual Four-Corner Jack Starter Kit - Black

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  • Rieco Titan 14062 Manual Four-Corner Jack Starter Kit - Black
  • Rieco Titan 14062 Manual Four-Corner Jack Starter Kit - Black

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Rieco Titan 14062 Manual Four-Corner Jack Starter Kit - Black
This kit includes everything you need for a new Camper Jack install! Rieco Titan has created a combination of Atwood's reliable truck camper jacks, and Happijac's easily upgradable Jacks. These jacks bring the best aspects of both truck camper jacks into one. Rieco Titan has easily brought you the highest quality in the industry.
Rieco Titan's Truck Camper Jacks are made of a Heavy Duty, All Steel Construction for durability and reliability. Each jack is made with a rugged precision drive system. The exterior has a corrosion resistant powder coating.
5,000 lbs. complete set.
Jack Collapsed Size
47 1/4"
23 lbs. each
What's Included
4x 14032 Manual Convertible Jacks
2x TFC-303 Crank Handles
1x 64712-FB Complete Bracket Kit
1x GC28128 Clear Caulking
1x 5031 Putty Seal Tape
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2 Reviews

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    Needs to improve packaging and instructions

    Posted by Daniel on Jun 22nd 2020

    The jacks are really strong and in good shape. Little bit heavy maybe, but still good quality. About the packaging and the instructions: The instructions are completely not clear, really confuse and old fashioned (looks like a copy paste with a last edition made in 1979). Its too small and not clear to understand. I think that the Rieco company need (as a must) make a better manual or instructions, with a better identification of the parts and also the right set of the jacks. Its a waste of time, research and try to get the right parts and the right way. Just a tough....

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    Exactly what it is supposed to be.

    Posted by Hawaii B on Jun 26th 2019

    This is the perfect kit for the DIY guy. The jacks are exatly what you would ecpect from a company that stands behind quality products. Great parts and plenty of extra pieces that come in very handy. Have a friend, the better part of an afternoon, and a few beers handy if you are installing them for the first time, it can take a while, but after, you are good to go for years to come...

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