SMEV MO7123US Euro 3-Burner Hob Cooktop - Sink w/ Glass Lid

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  • SMEV MO7123US Euro 3-Burner Hob Cooktop - Sink w/ Glass Lid


SMEV MO7123US Euro 3-Burner Hob Cooktop - Sink w/ Glass Lid

The SMEV MO7123 is a modern styled 3 burner cooktop excellent for when you want to remain compact in your trailer, RV, or truck camper, but still be able to cook more than two things at once. Now you can cook your bacon, eggs, and boil the water for your coffee all at the same time, without using too much of your kitchen space. When you’re done with the pots and pans they can go right from the stove top to the sink, making this product an ideal 2 in 1 appliance for the kitchen. After you’re finished, this product also comes with two black tempered glass lids, that fold down and give you that extra counter space. Also including an electric ignition, starting up your cook top is fast, easy, and convenient.

High Quality - SMEV is a manufacturer based in Italy, making high quality RV and marine products. All SMEV's products are made of 304-L category stainless steel, this is a type of steel engineered to be highly corrosion resistant and long lasting. For an increased resistance against stains, and corrosion SMEV uses 18/10 stainless on their product, a composition of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Commonly used for most high quality cookware. Their result of using this stainless steel is a strong, durable, and light product, free of wrinkles or shaded areas.

Faucet Installation: This cooktop/sink combination doesn't come with a faucet or a faucet hole on the unit. A faucet will have to be installed on the counter top to the right of the sink. Click Here for some faucet options.

Ignition: 12V DC
Fuel Source: Propane/LP Gas
Dimensions (WxHxD): 31-1/2" x 18-1/16" x 5-1/4"
Fuel Consumption: 2x Burners @ 3700 BTU, 1x Burner @ 5900 BTU

This kit includes
SMEV MO7123 Cooktop / Sink Combination (Right Hand Sink, Left Hand Burners)
Cooking Appliance U.S. Pressure Adapter Kit (Installed)
SMEV AC530 / AC540 Angled Waste Water Fitting

Important information for installation
There is no faucet hole on the cooktop / sink, requiring the faucet (not included) to be mounted on the counter top. Propane is connected with a 3/8" Male Flared fitting. This LP gas cooking appliance is installed with a gas pressure adapter according to ANSI Z21.57 "Recreational Vehicle Cooking Gas Appliances". This product still requires the hookup of low pressure propane before the regulator on the appliance. Attaching the appliance to high pressure propane will void the warranty. These units do not come with detailed installation instructions or a cut-out template. We highly recommend the installation be performed by qualified personnel. Propane is an explosive gas. Appliance installations should be performed by qualified personnel only and must conform to all relevant local authorities. Installed appliances are non-returnable, and if found defective, must be warrantied with the manufacture. A qualified technician will be capable of handling a warranty if necessary.

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