Building Update

Building Update

To whom it may concern, 

Our new building that we have been talking about for months is almost done!... yes, you read that right, we said ALMOST.. and I know, we said it would be done by the beginning of June and it is almost August and still not yet done.

Many of you have been asking us, "Why haven't we moved yet?!" Well, we all know how construction goes... it is hardly ever on time. 

So we have been PATIENTLY waiting, as it sounds like many of you have too.. for our opening date. Currently, it sounds as though September 1st will be our move in date. 

Everyone over here at Panther is more than ready for this move! Once we are guaranteed the move-in date, we will announce it! and following that announcement, we will constantly announce all the great things we plan on doing with this warehouse *cough* showroom *cough cough*

~ Here are some pictures of our building - Signs not yet on, but it is in the works ~

Jul 23rd 2018 Brooke Goodpaster

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