Out with the old // In with the new

Out with the old // In with the new

Today, we traded in our little van, and upgraded to this bad boy!

We are growing people... and growing quickly!

Firstly, we are still playing the waiting game on our new warehouse, slowly its getting done... but in the meantime as we patiently wait for our bigger warehouse, we are decided to trade in our little van, and get a mini semi truck - seriously this guy is HUGE!

We are playing around with some design ideas to put our logo on the sides and back, so we can advertise a little while driving down the road.

This is just an idea of what we have come up with... we want simple and to the point....

"Hi, we are Panther RV Products... located in Washougal, WA"

We look forward to all the BIG changes coming along, and we hope you do too...

Because lets face it, we wouldnt be here without you... Our customers :)


Jun 21st 2018 Brooke Goodpaster

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