Panther RV - Custom Crating

Panther RV - Custom Crating

Ranges, Refrigerators, Awnings... Oh My! 

You may be worried about ordering these products online, worried about how they are going to ship - questions like "will they get damaged in the shipping process", "What will happen if i spend all this money and it gets broken while shipping"... cause lets be honest, we know those delivery companies do not always take the best care of your packages. A sad but honest truth. 

And we know they do not take the best care of your things.  We have experienced the disappointment of ordering a product online only for it to be damaged. And then you are upset and realize you have to deal with the returning process of sending it back and re-ordering and then you might just want to give up at this point..


Order from Panther RV Products - ! We know things "happen" and get damaged, 

AND we have come up with a solution!! 

We personally custom crate all our Ranges, Refrigerators, and Awnings. So they are not getting damaged in the shipping process. 

We want YOU to have a good experience ordering online and ordering from us. We want to be an online retailer that people can trust - and will choose over the big competition because we care - 

We care about the quality of our product both inside and outside our warehouse and we care about you! 

Check out some of our custom crates below! 

Jan 31st 2019 Brooke G

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