RV Aftermarket Price Increases Due to Tariffs

RV Aftermarket Price Increases Due to Tariffs

The Recreational Vehicle Industry was hit hard recently due the new overseas tariffs. At Panther RV Products we have been contacted by the majority of our suppliers notifying us of across the board price increases in order to remedy the new fees for manufacturing overseas.

Unfortunately, this will affect all aftermarket retailers and repair shops around the U.S. who work with major companies such as Lippert and Dometic. Inevitably, these increases being put on the retailers will drive up the cost of RVing due to the price tag of repairs for the RV community.

However, some manufactures will not be affected by the recent Tariffs. Companies like Fiamma and CAN Srl are manufactures based in Italy. Since they import into the U.S. from Europe, the Tariff increase will not change their pricing structure.

Major RV manufactures have already made statements about how the Tariffs could possibly influence pricing of new RV's going into next year. With higher prices, we might see a decline in the purchase of new RV's.

At Panther RV Products, we are working hard to absorb price increases and still offer affordable prices to the RV community. That way traveling can continue to be an enjoyable venture and not an overpriced luxury.

Oct 20th 2018 Ethan Sweet

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