Up and Coming : NEW Panther RV Products Warehouse

Up and Coming : NEW Panther RV Products Warehouse

If you have been following our blog, then you have been following our transition from one warehouse to another. 

September 1st, 2018:

We officially upgraded from a 1-bay warehouse, to a 4-bay warehouse!! Not big for some, but big for us! 

We received the keys to the new warehouse in Washougal, WA and started moving in... Our employees bounced from one warehouse to the other to move all our products and materials ALL while still sending out orders that were coming in like a wild fire! 

New move update scheduled for

We were pretty excited about our new move! This move meant we would have more room for more products, which would allow us to sell more and hire on more employees! A full circle I would say! 

December 13, 2018: 

We are up and running! We still have A LONG way to go however! This is only half our warehouse. They other half is still in the process of being filled and we still need to get our offices up and set...





Goals. We have many goals we want to make happen next year. One is having a show room for our customers! With sinks, cook tops and many other appliances set up to be viewed. Think of Ikea - but RV style. There are alot of goals for Panther RVs Future. 

Keep your eyes out on our blog for more updates! We have been busy the last few months to get where we are, but now that we are a little more settled, we hope to have more blog updates monthly, if not weekly. <- Great things take time. 

Dec 13th 2018 Brooke Goodpaster

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