Trimetric TM-2030-RV Battery Voltage Monitor & Solar Charger Kit

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Trimetric TM-2030-RV Battery Voltage Monitor & Solar Charger Kit
If your RV, home or boat depends on batteries for electrical power, then battery system monitor should be part of your electrical system.
Helps save valuable energy by letting you see how much you're using. Shows "amps" or "watts" to educate users about how much energy different electrical loads draw. Check that all loads are really off when you think they're off. Check for "phantom loads" - small loads that steal power 24 hours per day. Keep informed about how much energy you have left in your battery system. Reduce generator use by knowing when you can efficiently shut it off because batteries are approaching full charge.
Battery Care
Provides information you need to protect your battery investment. Know when to turn on your generator to avoid damage from over discharge. Check that all charging systems are charging to correct voltage for longest life. Be reminded not to let batteries go too many days between a full charge.
System Maintenance
Helps locate system problems when they occur. Monitor solar arrays, and inverter/chargers to be sure they are still charging at proper rates and coltage. Find out if batteries are still holding energy properly. Even if you're not an expert, a dealer or other knowledgeable person can more easily help you "by phone" to locate a problem if you have a monitor on your system Data recorded by the Trimetric can help diagnose some system problems.
5-1/4" x 3" x 1-3/8"
Electrical Component (Non-Returnable)
Please keep in mind this is an electrical component, per Panther RV Products return policy, this product is non-returnable.
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