Camper Vans

Camper Vans

Camper Vans or Class B Vans have become popular in the RV community. Outfitting a van is simpler than building a truck camper from scratch and you're able to build the van to accommodate your lifestyle. Combined, this makes it an ideal choice for overland use.


It is common to install at least one roof vent on your van in order to help circulate air,. Fantastic and Maxxair offer several choices that can suit your needs. Another option is an air conditioner. We only recommend putting an air conditioner on your van if you plan on camping at sites with hookups. If you decide to use an A/C while boon-docking it is recommended to use a generator with it so the A/C doesn't drain your batteries. Click Here for more information.


If you decide to add an awning to your van, Fiamma is the obvious choice. Fiamma is a manufacture based in Italy. They offer high quality awnings that are designed for Sprinters, Promasters and Transit Vans. They also offer roof racks, ladders, and bike racks designed for camper vans. If you're looking for an electric awning then Dometic offers an awning that can be custom mounted to a roof rack. Click Here for more information.


Fiamma offers a bike rack that's compatible with Mercedes Sprinter or a Dodge Promaster. Click Here to start shopping.


A Cassette Toilet is a type of toilet that uses a cartridge that can be removed and dumped manually. This makes it convenient for van use since you won't need to install a black water system. Click Here to start shopping.


Here is where you get to be creative. We have a wide variety of options for cooktops, sinks, and refrigerators to choose from. You'll need to determine how much room you have and what's necessary for you to travel comfortably. More information coming soon.


It's suggested that you have access to your roof while traveling in order to troubleshoot any problems with roof vents, awnings, or solar systems. We offer Fiamma Ladders that are compatible with Mercedes Sprinters and Dodge Promasters. Click Here to start shopping.


We currently carry Fiamma roof racks for Dodge Promasters. They come equipped with brackets to attach a Fiamma Awning on either side. Unfortunately, Fiamma has not designed one of these racks for a Mercedes Sprinter yet. Click Here to start shopping.


We carry a variety of small water heaters and slim water tanks to assist your galley set or to accommodate a shower or rinse system. More information coming soon.