Roof Vents and Air Conditioners

Roof Vents and Air Conditioners


If you've done your research on what roof vent to use, you've likely come across Dometic's Fantastic Vents and Maxxair Vents. We commonly get asked "which one is better?" This depends on what you're looking for. If you're concerned about having the lowest profile on your roof, we recommend choosing one of Fantastic Vent's options. Click Here to start shopping Fantastic Vents. What does Maxxair bring to the table then? They've designed a roof vent that has a built in cover. It can be open rain or shine, you don't need to worry about it! This feature comes in handy when you're traveling in areas with bad weather, but still want some circulation. Click Here to start shopping Maxxair.

For more information on Climate Control for your Van, Sprinter Van USA has hands on information about installation and use.


An air conditioner will help out while you're traveling in hot or humid locations. Keep in mind that air conditioners consume a lot of power, so it's recommended that you only install an A/C if you plan on camping at locations with a hookup or you use a generator for extra power. For air conditioners, we recommend the Dometic 640310 Penguin II - 11K BTU. It's low profile is ideal for vans and 11K BTU is all that's needed for the small space of a van. Keep in mind a lower assembly kit is needed for new installations. 

What about if you want a heat pump on your air conditioner? For an air conditioner with a heat pump option, we recommend the Dometic 650015 Penguin II - 13.5K Air Conditioner. Keep in mind, heat pumps are only efficient in temperatures above 40°F. They aren't meant to be your primary source of heat. Same as the previous A/C, this unit requires a lower assembly for a complete installation.