Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Just load your camper on your truck, attach it, and you're ready to go for the weekend. Truck campers are a great way to live small and travel. The bonus to a truck camper over a van is you don't have to maintain two engines. The bonus over a trailer is you can load up your camper and still be able to pull a boat trailer.

If you're looking for additional information on truck campers, Truck Camper Magazine is a great source for information.


Almost every truck camper has a vent or air conditioner installed on the roof. These products allow you to control the climate in your camper. A truck camper requires very little to maintain the comfortable conditions, so you will usually only see one air conditioner, or two roof vents.


If you decide to add an awning to your truck camper, Fiamma is the obvious choice. Fiamma is a manufacture based in Italy. They offer high quality awnings that are designed for side wall mounting or roof mounting. If you're looking for an electric awning then Dometic offers the 9500 Series Awnings that come in manual and electric operation.


A Cassette Toilet is a type of toilet that uses a cartridge that can be removed and dumped manually. This makes it convenient for truck camper use, since you won't need to install a black water system. Click Here to start shopping.


A propane furnace is typical to keep you warm on those cold nights. We carry a variety of furnaces to outfit your truck campers.


The galley is your kitchen area. This includes the refrigerator, cooktop and sink. We carry a variety of small appliances to replace what you have, or upgrade what is currently there.


Load and unload your camper with four corner jacks. We carry manual and electric jacks to replace or upgrade your current jacks. We don't carry hydraulic jacks or cable jacks.


If your looking for a safe way to get out of your camper when it's on your truck, Torklift's Glow Steps are a great addition.


Tie Downs keep your truck and camper connected. There are a variety of tie downs that range in quality and price. 


When carrying a camper on your truck, sometimes it's nice to beef up the suspension for an easier ride. Torklift and Roadmaster Active Suspension offer some solutions for suspension assistance.


Don't take a cold shower or wash your dishes in cold water. We sell Atwood and Suburban Water Heaters which are common in the RV industry. We also carry Webasto Water Heaters which are high quality heaters that are breaking into the market.