About Us

Panther RV Products is an eCommerce business catering to the adventurous. Our ultimate goal is to become a one stop shop for the do-it yourselfer. We offer products for the every day repair man, the van outfitter, and even someone who wants to build a cabin in the woods! At the moment we are still growing, so we haven't quite become the one stop shop that you're looking for. We do however offer a large variety of appliances, awnings, LP components, electrical components, and much more. Each day we are adding products and updating information to our site, this way you know exactly what you're ordering and you won't receive any surprises. Our staff is very knowledgeable on the products we sell and will work with you to find the perfect addition to your RV, boat, or home.
A Brief History of Panther RV Products
Panther RV Products LLC started with an idea from Richard and his son Ethan. Rich has over 30 years of experience in management and had been operating an RV repair shop in Vancouver, Washington for several years at this point. When Ethan graduated and joined the company, he and Rich decided to start an online company for RV parts. So Ethan set up his computer and started selling products that were available from Richard's RV operation. Shortly after they broke ground Jacob, Ethan's brother, joined the operation. Ethan and Jake operated this small online business while their dad Rich operated the RV repair shop out of the same location. During this time, Rich taught Ethan and Jake different aspects of the RV industry and these teachings influenced growth in the online store.
In late 2015, Rich decided to sell his operation to his top technician and give his undivided attention to Panther RV Products. With big aspirations and an unrivaled determination, Rich began exploring ways to expand. The first of many big decisions was to move the operation to the industrial area of their hometown located in Washougal, Washington. Upon moving in they were excited to see that 54'40' Brewery Company opened their new business right next door giving them easy access to a cold drink, after a hard day's work of course ;)
The next big decision came when the three decided to elevate their online presence. This meant they were going to completely revamp the website to be compatible for mobile use. In turn, their sales rapidly increased which provided more opportunities for further growth and expansion.
With the new website up and running and more orders coming in. We had to start looking for a team to help grow the business. Throughout the year, we brought on staff members who now make up our supervising team.
With the growth, we had limited work space and had to start looking for a larger building. Luckily, the Port of Camas/Washougal was in the middle of constructing a new warehouse. We moved into the new warehouse in September. With three times the space and rent, we were excited to challenge ourselves with the new opportunity.
The beginning of this year brought unexpected changes to the RV industry. The US-China Trade War hit the RV industry, requiring manufactures to make quick adjustments to their pricing in order to stay afloat. The price adjustments and restructuring of our vendors brought our growth to a halt. By the end of 2019, we made adjustments to our business and we ended the year optimistic about the coming year.
2020 to 2022
The beginning of 2020 started out strong, but then the COVID-19 outbreak created mandatory shut downs with all of our vendors. Putting major stress on our inventory and our customers. With our supply chain still not back to normal, we are making major adjustments to our operations, in order to attempt to provide a trouble free experience for our online guest. We appreciate everyone's continued support and we will continue to try to provide a positive service to our shoppers. Thank you and stay safe!