Safe-T-Alert 25-741BL RV Mini Carbon Monoxide / Propane Leak Detector / Alarm

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  • Safe-T-Alert 25-741BL RV Mini Carbon Monoxide / Propane Leak Detector / Alarm
  • Safe-T-Alert 25-741BL RV Mini Carbon Monoxide / Propane Leak Detector / Alarm
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Safe-T-Alert 25-741BL RV Carbon Monoxide / Propane Leak Detector / Alarm
This Safe-T-Alert CO and LP Dual Alarm is designed to meet the challenging conditions of the rugged RV environment. Engineered to cater to a wide range of recreational vehicles, including Class A Motorhomes, Class B Van Campers, Class C Mini-Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Truck, and Folding Campers, this dual alarm system integrates technology to ensure the highest standards of safety. Fully approved and compliant, the Safe-T-Alert CO and LP Dual Alarm meets the stringent requirements set by RVIA/NFPA, along with standards for CO alarms and Propane Detectors, and is listed to UL 1484 RV and UL 2034 RV.
  • Safety Standards: Meets all RVIA/NFPA requirements for gas safety alarms.
  • Dual Detection: Equipped with sensors for both carbon monoxide and liquid propane gas.
  • Efficient Design: Operates on a supply voltage of 12 VDC and has a low current draw of 108mA.
Carbon Monoxide Detection (CO)
Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that is produced as a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Sources within an RV that can produce CO include fuel-burning appliances such as generators, cooking equipment, and heating systems. Inhalation of elevated levels of CO can lead to symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and in severe cases, can result in death. The CO sensor within the combination detector continuously samples the air and activates an alarm when the CO concentration reaches a level that could be hazardous to human health.
Propane Gas Detection (LP)
Liquid propane is a highly flammable gas that is commonly used in RVs for cooking, heating, and sometimes for refrigeration. Unlike CO, propane has an odor; however, it can still accumulate to dangerous levels without being noticed, especially during sleep. A leak or malfunction in the propane system can result in gas buildup that presents an explosion risk. The LP sensor in the combination detector is designed to identify elevated levels of propane and sound an alarm, thereby giving occupants the opportunity to vacate the area and address the issue.
Carbon Monoxide and Propane Leak Detectors are designed to function effectively for a period of 5 years. For ongoing safety, it is advisable to change the device every five years. Note that the 5-year life cycle starts only when the unit is connected to a 12V DC power source, so the manufacturing date is not a factor in determining when a replacement is due.
Additional Info
3.5"W x 2.5"H x 1.25"D
Supply Voltage
12 VDC
108 mA
Mount Style
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    Posted by carl knowles on Feb 11th 2023

    Arrived much sooner than I thought as I live in Canada. Product was received in good order. Has been installed and works as it should,

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