Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop

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  • Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop
  • Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop
  • Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop
  • Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop
  • Suburban 3309A RV Double Element Induction Cooktop
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Suburban 3308A RV Single Element Induction Cooktop
The Suburban Induction Cooktop is compact and designed for both built-in and portable uses, making it a perfect fit for the confined spaces within campervans and RVs. The induction technology it employs is energy-efficient by channeling the majority of it’s energy directly into the cookware through a magnetic field. This results in faster cooking times and reduced energy consumption, which is particularly beneficial when operating on a limited power supply.
  • Powerful and Precise: 1800 watts and 10 levels of heating power
  • Portable and Versatile: Designed for both built-in countertop and portable applications
  • Safety Features: Equipped with an auto safety shut-off and Child Lock
Superior Induction Technology
The Suburban Elite Series Induction Cooktop utilizes advanced induction technology to provide precise and efficient cooking. Unlike traditional gas or electric cooktops that use open flames or heated coils, this induction cooktop creates a powerful magnetic field. The magnetic field interacts directly with ferrous-based cookware, causing the cookware itself to generate heat. This leads to quicker and more energy-efficient cooking, all while offering a safer cooking environment.
Cookware Compatibility and Versatility
To use this induction cooktop, you'll need cookware made from ferromagnetic materials. Ideal pots and pans are round with a flat bottom and have a diameter between 3.5 to 10 inches. Warped or curved-bottom pans are not advised as they will not heat evenly. For those who enjoy wok cooking, a flat-bottom wok is recommended. To easily identify compatible cookware, look for the induction symbol on the packaging or test with a magnet; if it sticks, the cookware is compatible.
Features and Specifications
The 3309A cooktop comes with a variety of features to enhance your cooking experience. It boasts 1800 watts of power, a Soft Touch Control Center, and a 4-digit LED display. Additionally, it provides a 1 to 240-minute cooking timer, 10 levels of heating power, and a smooth, crystal cooktop for easy cleaning. Safety features include an auto safety shut-off and a Child Lock. The unit measures 23.6" x 15.3" x 3.5" and requires a cutout dimension of 22.8" x 14.6". It operates on a 120V/60Hz voltage and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Additional Info
23.6" x 15.3" x 3.5"
Cutout Dimensions
22.8" x 14.6"
Power Source
Power Levels
1800 Watts
Note:The dimensions listed here are for reference and are not intended to be used for cabinet design. We highly recommend taking measurements from the actual product before finalizing the design of your cabinetry and/or cutouts.
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