GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S

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  • GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S
  • GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S
  • GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S
  • GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S
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GE® GCV06GSNSB RV 12V DC Electric Refrigerator - 5.6 C/F - S/S
The GE® 12V Refrigerator brings a fresh design to the RV kitchen. Equipped with glass shelves and a clear crisper drawer. 5.6 Cu. Ft. storage capacity accommodates your food and beverage needs while living mobile. Easy to use analog controls provides temperature control.
Energy Efficient
This refrigerator is equipped with a highly efficient 12v electric compressor to cool the unit. The compressor's mechanism enables precise temperature control and cooling performance. Compared to absorption refrigerators that rely on chemical reactions, compressor refrigerators offer more efficient cooling using mechanical compression and refrigerant circulation. The refrigerator is designed to run directly on the RV's 12v electrical system eliminating the need for converting energy from other sources.
Electric refrigerators are sensitive to power changes or insufficient power. It is important that the system can handle 15 amps of 12V DC power. A minimum of 10 gauge wire for installations up to 12 ft. is required. If the refrigerator is supplied with insufficient power, it will not operate, or show signs of difficulty operating.
Powerful Cooling
Compressor refrigerators provide superior cooling performance compared to absorption refrigerators. The compressor-driven cooling system in 12V refrigerators can achieve lower temperatures more rapidly and maintain them consistently, regardless of ambient conditions. This is particularly advantageous in hot climates or when the RV is subjected to high temperatures, as compressor refrigerators can handle the heat more effectively.
This refrigerator is designed to function properly in room temperatures ranging from 55°F to 110°F. Operating the refrigerator in room temperatures outside this range will cause inadequate cooling.
Enhanced Organization
Adjustable glass shelves provide flexibility in organizing the refrigerator space to accommodate items of varying heights. This allows for easy customization and efficient use of available storage, preventing wasted space. The clear crisper drawer allows for better visibility and easy identification of fruits and vegetables, promoting freshness and reducing food waste.
Additional Info
Power Source
12V DC
Estimated Daily Power Consumption
864 Watts*
Volume (cu.ft.)
Overall Dimensions
34-1/8"H x 23-5/8"W x 23-3/4"Deep
Net Weight
70 lbs.
Estimated Daily Power Consumption: 864 Watts
Estimated Daily Amp-Hours Required: 72 Amp-Hours
These numbers represent the estimated daily power consumption for this refrigerator, calculated using the common rule of thumb which involves multiplying the refrigerator's power consumption (in watts) by eight operating hours per day. However, it's important to note that the actual operating hours may vary depending on factors such as ambient temperature, insulation efficiency, and the frequency of opening the refrigerator door.
What's Included
1x Refrigerator
1x Instruction Manual
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