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Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F

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  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
  • Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
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Isotherm F115RSBAS7 Cruise 115 Freeline Silver Elegance RV AC/DC Electric Refrigerator / Freezer - 4.1 C/F
The Freeline 115 by Isotherm represents an evolution of the Elegance line designed for both the Marine & Recreational Vehicle market. The Freeline 115 features a spacious cabinet comprised of a 83 liter fridge and a 32 liter freezer compartment which allows for storage of extra frozen goods. Unique design allows this large fridge to fit in limited spaces such as fitting the hull curve on most boats.
Characterized by superior cooling performance, the Freeline 115 also excels at energy efficiency. An integrated control panel allows you to select maximum cooling or ECO Mode for economical operation and minimum battery consumption. The Freeline 115 control panel allows easy control of fridge functions such as temperature setting and internal lighting while providing simple system diagnosis.
Originally engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of the marine industry, Isotherm refrigerators are renowned for their robust construction and ability to perform in the challenging conditions of rough waters. This design philosophy ensures they offer superior cooling reliability, vibration resistance, and energy efficiency. The adoption of Isotherm refrigerators by the RV and Van industry is a testament to their high-end quality and versatility. The benefit is a seamless, worry-free experience, whether navigating the high seas or exploring rugged terrains, where reliability, efficiency, and durability are not just preferred but essential.
Isotherm refrigerators are meticulously designed and manufactured in St. Agata Feltria, Italy, a region synonymous with a rich heritage of engineering excellence and craftsmanship. This strategic location is not merely a point of origin but a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and design. Italian manufacturing is globally revered for its attention to detail, use of premium materials, and cutting-edge technological integration, ensuring that each Isotherm refrigerator is not just an appliance but a piece of artistry.
Isotherm refrigerators are powered by the renowned Danfoss/Secop compressors, offering unmatched efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation. Their superior design ensures minimal energy consumption while providing consistent, powerful cooling performance, even in the most demanding conditions. The quiet operation of the Danfoss/Secop compressors enhances the onboard or in-vehicle experience, making Isotherm refrigerators the perfect choice for those who value tranquility alongside efficiency.
Manufactured with extra-thick insulation for superior performance. This design choice is instrumental in achieving reduced compressor run times, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. The thicker-than-average foam insulation not only ensures that internal temperatures are maintained more consistently, minimizing the energy required to cool the contents but also contributes to the longevity of the compressor by reducing its workload. This translates into lower energy consumption, which is especially valuable in environments where power resources may be limited. By exceeding the standard insulation thickness used by most competing brands, Isotherm sets a high bar for thermal efficiency and reliability.
This refrigerator does not mount with a flange. Instead there are four mounting points on the interior sidewalls of the refrigerator. This allows for a clean installation that is not visible from the outside of the refrigerator.
Electric refrigerators are sensitive to power changes or insufficient power. It is important that the system can handle 15 amps of 12V DC power. A minimum of 8 gauge wire for installations up to 20 ft. is required. If the refrigerator is supplied with insufficient power, it will not operate, or show signs of difficulty operating. In order to prevent excessive battery depletion, a protection device shuts off the compressor in case of insufficient voltage (10.4v) and turns it back on when the voltage in the system increases after the batteries have been charged (11.7v).
Additional Info
Power Source
12V DC / 120V AC
Volume (cu.ft.)
Overall Dimensions
31-1/2"H x 20-3/4"W x 21-3/8"D
Cutout Dimensions
31-1/2"H x 20-3/4"W x 19-1/2"D
Freezer Dimensions
5-1/4"H x 15-1/2"W x 14-1/2"D D
Mounting Style
Proud Mount
Instantaneous Power Consumption
72 Watts
Average Daily Power Consumption
262 Watts
Note:The dimensions listed here are for reference and are not intended to be used for cabinet design. We highly recommend taking measurements from the actual product before finalizing the design of your cabinetry and/or cutouts.
What's Included
1x Refrigerator
1x Instruction Manual
What's Not Included
Mounting Screws
Important Shipping Information
This product is crated for shipment to ensure product safety during transit. Due to this, there could be up to a 48 hour delay for the shipment to leave our facilities. This product cannot be shipped via expedited shipping.
About Indel Webasto Marine
The wide product range offered by Indel Webasto Marine consists of fridges, freezers, refrigeration systems, built-in boxes, travel boxes, wine cellars, water heaters, safes, as well as customized solutions for more comfort on board. Indel Webasto Marine refrigeration and freezer solutions are recognized for their user-friendliness, stylish design, dependability, elegance and energy-saving engineering.
The brand names Isotherm and Isotemp are internationally known as the best in the marine industry. Specifically designed for marine use, they are individually tailored to suit on-board conditions with elegant design, rugged construction, and a broad range of sizes and styles. Isotherm is used on over 160 major boat brands including center console, pontoon boats, cruisers, sailing, and mega yachts.
Indel Webasto Marine has a reputation for design excellence and high quality products manufactured for the marine industry. Careful research and development are the building blocks for successful innovation. Many of these innovations became patents that are internationally protected. Isotherm products are well-known for their outstanding design and functionality and are exclusively produced using high quality components.
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3 Reviews

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    Great support

    Posted by Mark on May 22nd 2023

    I have owned this fridge for 15 months. In addition to bein a great product, I have had two very positive customer support experiences: - The original item had a damaged freezer door. Despite my request coming several months after purchase, Panther shipped me a replacement at no cost and with no questions. - When I had an issue (my fault), I called Isotherm's customer support center in Florida. I was immediately connected to a knowledgeable tech who carefully walked me through the debug process and followed up immediately. I didn't need it, but it sounds like the process for getting replacement components is straightforward and they honor the two year warranty. Glad I bought this fridge!

  • 5

    Indel Webasto Refrigerator

    Posted by Raymond Murray on Aug 27th 2021

    Refrigerator is performing very well. It was a great replacement for the 3-way absorbent refer. With setting on Low, it uses very little power. Panther RV packaged the refer very well and delivery was very fast. Great product and a great seller. Would recommend them highly.

  • 4

    115 Elegance RV fridge

    Posted by Ross Battersby on May 28th 2020

    Runs and works like they said it would. Handy size. Shame it doesn't come with a stainless door. Not a silent runner, like others mentioned working on venting it away from the living area.

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