Suburban SW10DE RV Propane & 120V Hot Water Heater - 10 Gal. Tank

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Suburban SW10DE RV Propane & 120V Hot Water Heater - 10 Gal. Tank
This Suburban water heater is the perfect solution for hot water on the road. This high-performance water heater features dual power source capabilities, allowing it to operate on propane, electric, or a combination of both for an improved recovery rate. The steel glass-lined tank is designed to withstand varying water conditions, and the anode rod provides added protection against corrosion. With a 10-gallon holding tank, you'll have plenty of hot water for showers, dishes, and more. The insulation jacket is specially formed to fit the tank, ensuring efficient heat retention and energy savings. This durable and reliable water heater is a perfect addition to any RV.
  • 12V Electric Ignition for easy and reliable startup
  • Propane and/or Electric operation for flexible power source options
  • 10-Gallon Holding Tank for ample hot water supply
  • Steel, Glass-Lined Tank with anode rod protection for long-lasting use
Propane and Electric Operation
This RV water heater offers versatility with its dual power source capabilities, allowing it to operate on propane, electric, or a combination of both for an improved recovery rate. When using propane gas, a propane-fired burner routes heat through a passage in the tank, transferring the heat to the water stored in the tank. Alternatively, the electric option uses a 120V AC heating element to heat the water, much like a traditional household water heater. This model features an automatic spark ignition system, also known as a direct spark ignition (DSI), making it easy to operate. To start the heater, simply ensure that it is filled with water and flip the switch. A 12V DC connection is required to power the control board and igniter.
DE vs DEL Models
The Suburban water heater models DE and DEL differ in their wiring requirements. The DE model features a switch on the water heater to control the 120V operation and a separate switch is required inside the RV cabin to control the propane operation. On the other hand, the DEL model requires a dual switch located inside the RV cabin that controls both the 120V and propane operation.
Porcelain Lined Steel Tank
Built with a durable steel tank that is lined with porcelain for added protection and longevity. This type of construction is also used in most residential water heaters, ensuring that it can withstand various water conditions. An anode rod is included to further extend the life of the tank by protecting it from corrosion. The tank also features an insulation jacket that is custom fit to the tank for maximum heat retention, this will help in reducing the energy consumption and keep the hot water hotter for longer period of time.
Electric Ignition
The electric ignition eliminates the hassle of manual lighting of your water heater. The electric ignition utilizes a control board that sends an electrical signal to the igniter, which then creates a spark to ignite the propane burner. Simply flip the switch (not included) to start the water heater, making it more convenient and easier to use.
Additional Info
10 Gal.
Energy Source
LP Gas and/or 120V AC
Gas 12,000 BTU
Recovery Gallons Per Hour
16-1/4"W X 16-1/4"H X 19-1/4"D
Propane Connection
3/8" Male Flared
Water Connections
1/2" FPT
Replaces: SW10DE, SW10DEC

Fits in same cut-out but is considered an upgrade: SW10P, SW10PR, SW10PE, SW10PER, SW10D, SW10DEM, SW10DM
The installation of this water heater requires 12V and 120V wiring. If no current wiring exists, new wiring must be installed. This task can be complex as routing the wire through the vehicle structure can present obstacles and require specialized knowledge of electrical systems. This water heater is not equipped with the motor-aid function. P=Pilot Light, E=Electric, C=Power Cord, M=Motor Aid, R=Reigniter
Installation Note
When installing this water heater, additional components such as an exterior access door, ignition switch, caulking, putty tape and mounting screws are necessary for proper installation and are not included with the water heater. Installing an RV water heater requires an intermediate level of understanding and expertise in RV plumbing, electrical, and propane systems. It is recommended that only individuals with an understanding of these systems and the necessary tools attempt the installation.
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