Superior RV Portable Galley Fresh Water Holding Tank w/ Pump - 7 Gallons

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Superior RV Portable Galley Fresh Water Holding Tank w/ O.C. Pump - 7 Gallons
This fresh water tank ensures you have access to fresh water whenever you need it, without the complexity or bulk of traditional RV systems. The pump's on-command functionality, powered by a simple 12V DC connection, means water is available at your fingertips. Its compact design seamlessly integrates into the limited spaces of vans and small RVs. Whether you're parked by a remote lake or camped in the wilderness, the addition of this fresh water tank with its internal on-command pump significantly enhances your self-sufficiency, reducing the need for frequent water resupply stops and allowing you to explore further with confidence.
Internal On-Command Pump
This tank is equipped with the Comet VIP Plus 1430.12.00 On-Command Pump, which activates upon receiving 12V DC power. With a quiet operation and a minimalistic design, making it perfect for the simple plumbing needs of campervans. Manufactured in Germany, it has a typical lifespan of 700 to 2,000 hours. It's important to note that this pump does not maintain pressure and requires an external switch or a faucet with an internal 12V switch for operation.
Polyethylene Tank
This 7-gallon utility tank is engineered for a simple campervan or compact trailer fresh water system. Its design facilitates placement under the sink in a cabinet, optimizing space in limited areas. Made from premium polyethylene, it withstands impacts and resists corrosion, guaranteeing prolonged functionality across diverse situations. The tank's design allows for convenient portability, simplifying the process of replenishing with fresh water. It is intended for use within cold water systems and is capable of enduring temperatures as high as 120°F.
The vented lid allows for the inflow of air while water is being pumped out, preventing vacuum formation and potential damage. This design requires that the tank be positioned upright, in a vertical orientation. This positioning is essential for the optimal functioning of the vent and preventing potential leaks.
Product Information
7 Gallons
9-1/16"W x 14"L x 18-5/8"H
Pump Power Source
12V DC
Pump GPM
Lid Opening
What's Included
1x Tank - 7 Gal.
1x Internal Pump - 12V
1x Fresh Water Hose - 36"
1x Faucet Hose - 12"
1x Barb Fitting w/Clamp
What's Not Included
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