Superior RV Portable Galley Fresh Water Holding Tank - 7 Gallons

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Superior RV Portable Galley Fresh Water Holding Tank - 7 Gallons
This is a 7-gallon utility tank engineered for a simple campervan or compact trailer fresh water systems. Made with a copper line running from the connection at the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank allowing for the hookup of an external water pump. Its design facilitates placement under the sink in a cabinet, optimizing space in limited areas. Made from premium polyethylene, it withstands impacts and resists corrosion, guaranteeing prolonged functionality across diverse situations. The tank's design allows for convenient portability, simplifying the process of replenishing with fresh water. It is intended for use within cold water systems and is capable of enduring temperatures as high as 120°F.
The vented lid allows for the inflow of air while water is being pumped out, preventing vacuum formation and potential damage. This design requires that the tank be positioned upright, in a vertical orientation. This positioning is essential for the optimal functioning of the vent and preventing potential leaks.
Product Information
7 Gallons
9-1/16"W x 14"L x 18-5/8"H (w/Lid)
1/2" MPT
Lid Opening
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