Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap

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  • Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap
  • Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap
  • Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap
  • Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap
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Dometic AC542 Fold-Down RV Kitchen Sink Faucet - Hot/Cold Mixer Tap
This is a single lever fold-down kitchen sink faucet. It uses a modern single handle to start and stop the flow of water. The position of the handle controls the hot and cold water supply to adjust the temperature of the water coming out of the spout. Providing water for dishwashing, cooking, handwashing, and other tasks. The faucet requires only one hole in your sink deck or countertop. The fold-down feature makes it perfect for European sinks with glass lids.
  • Fold-Down: Folds down to be compatible with select sinks with glass lids
  • Single Lever: Control the water flow with a modern single handle design
  • Spout: Features a 7-1/2" tall metal spout extending 7-1/2" from the faucet body
  • Metal: Built of a durable chrome plated metal
Fold-Down Feature
This faucet is designed to fold down when not in use. This feature makes it compatible with most European sinks with glass lids. Note that while driving, the faucet might settle to a lower position due to bumps in the road. It is not designed to lock into place.
Additional Info
Chrome Plated Metal & Plastic Components
Hot/Cold Connections
1/2" MPT
Spout Height
Handle Type
Single Lever
Compatible Faucet Hole
1-5/16" to 1-1/2"
Compatible with
On-Demand Pumps rated at 55 PSI or lower. Example: Shurflo 4008-101 and 105-003.
If you experience a leak a the 1/2" MPT where your plumbing is connected, this means the attachment fitting is not compatible with the blue backflow preventers installed. Remove these in order to adapt it to your fresh water system.
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13 Reviews

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    Dometic™ AC542 Fold-Down Kitchen Fresh Water Faucet

    Posted by Jim on Feb 3rd 2022

    This is an ok product. The construction is good, but the hoses are very short. Installation instructions are virtually non-existent describe the hose fitting diameters, which proved frustrating to find a workable solution to lengthen them without trial and error in the store. There is nothing that describes which line supplies hot and which cold, and no explanation on how the variety of orings are to be installed; one is too small to belong to this faucet. The backflow valves in the end of the hose need to be removed to fit on a standard female fitting. The contol handle is unnecessarily tiny. There are no dimensions of the faucet provided on the website prior to purchase and the projection of the spout is further into our sink front to back than I prefer. Had I had that dimensional information, I would not have purchased this faucet as my sink depth is somewhat narrow. I also find it odd that this part cannot be found on Dometic's website. You're on your own when buying it. Construction is good and heavy. Lacking dimensions, instructions, short hoses, small handle, deep reach, very expensive at $250 - I'd say 2 out of 5 for overall value.

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    Domestic fresh water RV faucet.

    Posted by Perry Aadland on Nov 18th 2021

    I did need to buy an adapter to make the connections. A regular kitchen countertop extension kit did the trick.

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    Dometic RV faucet

    Posted by Don Tyree on May 7th 2021

    The faucet was relatively easy to install. The hoses were substantially shorter than original equipment and barely reached the fittings. The control mechanism was very tight. This caused the the user to apply substantial pressure on the valve. Over the course of one weeks use the valve loosened from the tightening stem and the faucet became loose in the hole. I would not recommend this faucet due to this particular design or quality control flaw. This faucet is quite expensive and I would expect a superior product.

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    Dometic AC542 Kitchen Faucet

    Posted by John Wesselhoeft on Jul 16th 2020

    It would be nice if the risers were longer and if the risers and threaded connections were marked with hot and cold. Install instructions in user comments were more helpful than those included with product.

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    AC542 Fold Down Faucrt

    Posted by Greg Wineland on Jul 16th 2020

    This is a really nice faucet. Fits nicely into the sink bowl when traveling, handle is big enough to work with and the mixing valve does a nice job.

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    Fast Shipping

    Posted by Sully on Jun 25th 2020

    You know when you order from unfamiliar websites, the shipping can take FOREVER! Not the case with Panther RV, order was received and I got my parts within days. Great communication on the shipping and I appreciate them having quality Dometic products for sale.

  • 1
    poor instructions. you'd think a faucet would be easy to install..extra parts had no place. instructions incomplete. thin hose plugs quickly. hardly any room to operate handle. at least it wasn't plastic like the original. really surprised dome

    Posted by robert horton on Oct 4th 2019

    panther was tremendous! ordering process was easy. it arrived VERY quickly. no problem with retailer. just with product.

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    Quality Product

    Posted by Roger on Oct 4th 2019

    This is a product from yesteryear. It is beautifully crafted and solid brass. Fits neatly in the round Dometic sink. Wonderful upgrade from the plastic number that came with our trailer. Now we can get the water where we want it!

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    Dometic AC542 installed in Columbia Aliner

    Posted by H William Park on Sep 16th 2019

    I purchased the Dometic AC542 Faucet to replace an older Dometic faucet similar to the current Dometic 3313070.001 Galley Faucet. My faucet was supplied with my Columbia Northwest Aliner (model year 2018) and cracked after about 18 months of intermittent use. The faucet I replaced has a female connection on the supply hoses so it not the current 3313070.001 faucet which has male connections. On Amazon, the model 3313070.001 faucet has a number of complaints / low ratings due to the plastic cracking.

    I have installed and tested the AC542 faucet. I expect to be completely satisfied with it.

    I rated the faucet as 4 stars because the included supply hoses are about 6" shorter than for the faucet I was replacing and that required me to purchase 2 new 20" 1/2" FIP x FIP faucet riser connection hoses to replace the 12" connection hoses supplied with the Aliner. 1/2" FIP x FIP faucet riser hoses are not found at big box store plumbing departments. They are available online, but I was able to go to a specialty plumbing supply business to get mine.

    It took me about a day's time over 2 days to figure out how to install the AC542 in my existing Aliner sink. My difficulties in installing it did not contribute to the 4 star rating. The difficult install was because I was unwilling to uninstall the sink in order to make it easy to install the faucet. That would have required disconnecting the sink drain and the cleats that hold the sink to the cabinet and then reconnecting them later. As a result, access to the area below the faucet was extremely cramped.

    The install procedure I worked out was:

    1) Do not use the foam O ring. (The hole for the faucet in the Aliner is in the press board cabinet top and the O ring would not stay in place.)
    2) On the threaded rod, assemble (bottom to top) the nut, metal 'U' washer, rubber 'U' washer.
    3) Place the metal ring with the grooves facing up on the top on the hole, poke the threaded rod assembly up from the underside of the cabinet, then screw the top of the threaded rod into the faucet. Tighten the nut as much as possible by hand, insuring the 'U' washers are aligned properly.
    4) Using a 13 mm ratcheting box wrench (the rod and nut are metric) tighten the nut securely.
    5) Poke the supply hoses thru the hole and tighten them into the faucet body by hand. (Hopefully you got the tightened faucet body centered in the hole).
    6) Connect the supply hoses (hot is on the left) to the 1/2" FIP x FIP faucet riser connection hoses and the connection hoses to the hot and cold supply lines.
    7) Remove the faucet aerator.
    8) Pressurize the water system and flush the lines. Replace the aerator.
    9) Turn on and test the hot water.
    10) Verify there are no leaks in any of the connections.

    I think to do the install again, it would take me about 1.5 hours not counting the time to remove the old faucet and purchase the replacement faucet riser connection hoses.

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