Carefree HG1386EJVLE Freedom Freestyle Roofmount 12V Power Awning 11'3" - Black Case

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Carefree HG1386EJVLE Freedom Freestyle Wallmount 12V Power Awning 11'3" - Black Case
The Freestyle Box Awning represents a leap in the design of awnings for Class B van conversions. This product uniquely combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a roof-mounted solution that blends seamlessly with the vehicle's contours. Notably, the awning is legless, providing unobstructed space for activities and movement under its shade. This feature enhances the sense of openness and freedom, a significant advantage for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, for added convenience and safety during evening use, the awning incorporates an LED light, which is easily controlled via an integrated switch. This combination of practicality and style ensures that the Freestyle Box Awning is not just an accessory, but an essential upgrade for your van conversion.
  • No Vertical Supports: Allowing for unobstructed enjoyment of your patio space
  • Roof Mount: Use a compatible bracket to mount the awning to select campervans
  • Wind Sensor: Automatically retracts the awning in strong winds
  • LED Light: Includes a pre-installed LED light
Advanced Controls
This awning is equipped with the state-of-the-art Carefree BT12 Control System, offering ease of use and convenience. This system enables users to operate the awning via Bluetooth using the Carefree Connects Mobile App. With this app, extending and retracting the awning is just a button press away, within a typical range of 50 feet. Additionally, the awning features a dual switch for manual control, allowing users to operate both the awning's extension/retraction and the LED lighting system. A significant safety feature is the integrated motion sensor, which automatically retracts the awning in windy conditions. This sensor's sensitivity can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, ensuring the awning's stability and longevity.
Installation Requirements
Installing the Freestyle Box Awning does not come with an adapter bracket for the vehicle. Users must purchase a specific Carefree mounting bracket compatible with their vehicle type, ensuring a secure and stable installation. The precise fitting of the mounting bracket not only guarantees the awning's optimal performance but also maintains the vehicle's aesthetic appeal.
Product Specifications
Case Dimensions (closed)
134.5" L x 6″ H x 6.5" D
Canopy Width
Max Extension
Lead Rail Drop
12–36″ (adjustable)
Power Requirements
12V, 15A
Case Color
Canopy Color
Black Shale Fade (Single Sided)
Mounting Requirements:
Designed for roof installations. This awning is delivered without adapter brackets as the mounting system is different depending on what type of vehicle you have. Choose the installation brackets that will fit your vehicle.
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