CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink

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  • CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink
  • CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink
  • CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink
  • CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink
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CAN Srl FL1323 Campervan Single-Burner RV Propane Cooktop with RH Sink
This cooktop was designed in Italy with tiny living in mind. It incorporates a sink on the right hand side of the cooktop, allowing you to save valuable counter space. The compact design makes building your campervan’s kitchen that much easier. With it’s small footprint on the counter top, you have more room for a workspace or for food prep.
Glass Lid
The 0.165” (Appr. 11/64”) tempered glass lid hides the cooktop and sink when not in use and provides additional working space. Every inch counts in tiny living, making the glass top an invaluable addition. Held in place by a sturdy metal hinge that’s currently unmatched by its competition.
Modern Design
Made with a seamless, one-piece stainless-steel design, making clean-up fast and easy. Designed with sealed burners, meaning the flames are not open to the components beneath the burner. This feature allows for a wider variety of installation since excessive heat won't be produced beneath the cooktop. The black glass lid fits well with any countertop color scheme, so you won't restrict your design options.
Safety Shut Off
It is a requirement that European cooktops be designed with a thermocouple which senses the flame being produced by the burner. If that flame happens to blow out, the thermocouple acts as a safety valve. It will stop the propane flow to the burner, ensuring propane isn't leaking through the stove for any other reason than to cook with a flame. This feature is not required in the United States, making it less common on U.S. designed cooktops.
RV Propane and BTU’s
This cooktop requires low pressure (11” W.C.) propane for operation. This is achieved with a low pressure regulator which is standard/required on all RV's. If there is not a pre-existing RV propane system, then you have to setup a low pressure propane system.
RV Cooktops are designed smaller than household cooktops, which means they produce less heat than the large burners on your cooktop at home. An average household cooktop has a BTU rating of 10,000. Additionally, you will most likely be using this cooktop during your travels with varying elevations. This cooktop is rated for an elevation up to 4,500 feet. Operation above this elevation will reduce the BTU's by 4 percent for every 1,000 feet above 4,500 feet. For example, at 8,500 feet, the cooktop will perform approximately 16 percent less than it's rated BTU's. This is caused by a few factors including the lack of oxygen in the air and the change in the air/fuel mixture.
North America Compatible
This cooktop was designed for the European market. The propane connections are different in Europe, requiring the unit to be converted for the North American market. We have done this process for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Simply connect your low pressure propane system to the cooktops 3/8” Male Flared fitting to operate.
Additional Info
Nominal Dimensions
20-7/8"W x 13-3/8"
Cabinet Depth Required
Power Source
LP Gas (Propane)
Gas Pressure Requirement
11" W.C. (0.5 PSI)
Note:The dimensions listed here are for reference and are not intended to be used for cabinet design. We highly recommend taking measurements from the actual product before finalizing the design of your cabinetry and/or cutouts.
What's Included
What's Not Included
Propane Tank
Fresh Water System Components
Grey Water System Components
CE Certified
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Warranty Information

CAN Srl products are manufactured by Airxcel EU. They carry a 1-Year Manufacture warranty on parts, labor is not included. Panther RV Products can assist in facilitating the warranty with the manufacture. Panther RV Products requires a certified technician to diagnose the unit if determined defective by the user. This Warranty does NOT cover damage due faulty installation and any damage resulting from such.
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