Suburban CAN Srl FL1770 (3048AST) 2-Burner/Sink RV Propane Cooktop

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  • Suburban CAN Srl FL1770 (3048AST) 2-Burner/Sink RV Propane Cooktop
MSRP: $525.00
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Suburban CAN Srl FL1770 (3048AST) 2-Burner/Sink RV Propane Cooktop
This is a top of the line 2-burner cooktop with a sink for your camper van, small trailer or even a tiny home. CAN Srl is a premium RV cooktop manufacturer based in Italy, producing the highest quality galley appliances. Constructed with industrial style components, this unit sets the bar for competing products.
Premium Quality
CAN Srl cooktops set themselves apart from common U.S. cooktops due to several high-end features. The Stainless finish is not surpassed by any other cooktop. The glass lid and hinge design are of the highest quality. The safety shut-off (thermocouple) will discontinue gas flow to the burners if the flame goes out.
To secure this unit to the countertop, simply mount it with four screws (not included). Next, low pressure propane (11" W.C.) must be connected to the 3/8" Male Flared fitting on the appliance. To test the cooktop once it's connected, press and turn the burner knob counterclockwise to the maximum (big flame) position, ignite the propane, hold down the knob until thermocouple is hot (3 to 10 seconds), then move the knob to the position desired and release.
RV Propane and BTU’s
This cooktop requires low pressure (11” W.C.) propane for operation. This is achieved with a low pressure regulator which is standard/required on all RV's. If there is not a pre-existing RV propane system, then you have to setup a low pressure propane system.
RV Cooktops are designed smaller than household cooktops, which means they produce less heat than the large burners on your cooktop at home. An average household cooktop has a BTU rating of 10,000. Additionally, you will most likely be using this cooktop during your travels with varying elevations. This cooktop is rated for an elevation up to 4,500 feet. Operation above this elevation will reduce the BTU's by 4 percent for every 1,000 feet above 4,500 feet. For example, at 8,500 feet, the cooktop will perform approximately 16 percent less than it's rated BTU's. This is caused by a few factors including the lack of oxygen in the air and the change in the air/fuel mixture.
Product Information
Overall Dimensions
30-3/16" x 13-15/16"
Cut-out Dimensions *
29-1/8" x 12-13/16"
Cabinet Depth
6" (Sink), 5" (Burners)
Sink Dimensions
13-3/8" x 9-3/8" x 3-3/4" Deep
Burner Grate Dimensions
7-1/2" and 6-1/2"
Drain Hole Cut-Out
Faucet Hole Cut-Out
Power Source
LP Gas (Propane)
Gas Pressure Requirement
11" W.C.
BTU/hr Rating
3000 and 4900
Safety Shut-Off (Thermocouple)
Burner Style
* Cut-out dimensions approximate - see installation manual
Note:The dimensions listed here are for reference and are not intended to be used for cabinet design. We highly recommend taking measurements from the actual product before finalizing the design of your cabinetry and/or cutouts.
What's Included
1x Cooktop/Sink
What's Not Included
Propane Tank
Fresh Water System Components
Grey Water System Components
CSA Approved
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