AM Auto PB07-LB-HSS-2 RAM ProMaster Driver's Side Rear Door Half-Slider Window - BLEMISHED

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  • AM Auto PB07-LB-HSS-2 RAM ProMaster Driver's Side Rear Door Half-Slider Window - BLEMISHED
  • AM Auto PB07-LB-HSS-2 RAM ProMaster Driver's Side Rear Door Half-Slider Window - BLEMISHED
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BLEMISHED - This window has small bubbles in the tint as pictured. Sold As-Is.
AM Auto PB07-LB-HSS RAM ProMaster Driver's Side Rear Door Half-Slider Window
AM Auto Windows are a premium choice for any campervan outfitter who demands the highest quality and superior design. Designed and manufactured by an OEM-approved factory renowned for producing glass for leading automotive manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Volkswagen, and more, AM Auto windows guarantee exceptional quality and unmatched reliability.
Half-Slider with Screen
This window boasts an innovative Half-Slider design that sets it apart from the competition. The Half-Slider provides ample space to effortlessly pass objects in and out of the vehicle, ensuring convenience and practicality. Additionally, the independent sliding fly screen provides added flexibility, allowing you to keep bothersome bugs out of your van during the night or while cooking a hot meal. The screen is easily removable, allowing for cleaning and reattachment as needed. The Half-Slider features a quick latch mechanism, enabling easy opening and secure closing. With the AM Auto Slider Window, you not only get exceptional ventilation control and easy operation, but also a game-changing feature that truly elevates the campervan experience.
Solar Tint
The 17% solar tint provides solar protection by blocking harmful UV rays, which can accelerate interior material deterioration. Additionally, this tint significantly reduces glare from direct sunlight, enhancing visibility and ensuring a safer driving experience. The solar tint also helps to minimize heat buildup inside the vehicle, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable interior during hot weather. Furthermore, it offers a level of privacy by darkening the windows, making it more difficult for outsiders to see inside the campervan. Beyond its functional benefits, the 17% solar tint enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, adding a touch of sophistication and giving the windows a sleek appearance.
AM Auto uses advanced manufacturing techniques ensuring their windows deliver unparalleled transparency. Whether you're on the road or enjoying the view from your campervan, AM Auto windows provide clear visibility, allowing you to take in every detail of your surroundings. Designed with precision and crafted from high-quality materials, their windows offer a distortion-free view, letting you see the world with remarkable clarity.
Tempered Safety Glass
AM Auto windows are crafted with high-quality tempered safety glass, offering exceptional durability and safety features. Tempered glass is created through a specialized thermal process that enhances its strength and resistance to breakage. The tempered glass used by AM Auto undergoes a rapid heating and cooling process, resulting in increased strength compared to regular glass. This makes it less prone to shattering upon impact. AM Auto's commitment to safety extends to their use of tempered glass, which is designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards.
Position and Installation
Designed to be installed on the driver's side rear door of the RAM Promaster. It is meticulously crafted to match OEM aesthetics, curvature, and deliver a seamless all-glass finish. This window elevates the overall look and feel of the vehicle, offering a professional and polished appearance. By utilizing a urethane style installation, it replicates the OEM standard and provides a reliable and industry-standard installation method. This helps maintain consistency with the original design and ensures that the installed windows meet or exceed the quality and safety standards set by the vehicle manufacturer.
Additional Informaton
Driver's Side Rear Door
Overall Dimensions
32 ⅝"W x 26 ¼"H
Glass Type
Tempered Privacy Glass
Light Transmission
Compatible with:
2014-2023 RAM ProMaster 136" & 159" WB
What's Included
1x Window
What's Not Included
Cut-out Template

  • Cutting Out the Panel: The first step is to carefully cut out the panel on the van's sidewall, following the interior curvature of the vehicle. This ensures that the window will fit seamlessly into the designated area.
  • Cleaning Up the Edges: After cutting out the panel, the edges are cleaned up using a grinder or similar tool. This step helps to create a smooth and even surface for proper window installation.
  • Applying Primer: To prevent rust and promote adhesion, primer is applied to both the edges of the cut-out panel and the surface of the van where the window will be installed. The primer creates a protective barrier and enhances the bond between the window and the van body.
  • Applying Urethane: Urethane adhesive, a strong and durable bonding agent, is applied to the van body in the designated area where the window will be placed. The urethane adhesive ensures a secure attachment between the window and the van, providing a watertight and long-lasting seal.
  • Installing the Window: Once the urethane adhesive is applied, the window is carefully positioned and pressed into place. It is crucial to align the window properly within the cut-out panel and ensure a snug fit. The adhesive creates a strong bond between the window and the van, securing it in position.
Throughout the installation process, attention to detail and precision are key to achieving a professional result. Please note that the installation of this window product should be performed by an experienced installer. It is essential to have the necessary expertise and knowledge of proper installation techniques to ensure the window is securely and accurately installed. Instructions for installation are not included with this product. Improper installation of the window may lead to structural issues, water leaks, and other potential risks.
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