Rieco Titan RSB-2A Swing-Away Extension Bracket Kit 55721 - White

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  • Rieco Titan RSB-2A Swing-Away Extension Bracket Kit 55721 - White
  • Rieco Titan RSB-2A Swing-Away Extension Bracket Kit 55721 - White
  • Rieco Titan RSB-2A Swing-Away Extension Bracket Kit 55721 - White

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Rieco Titan RSB-2A Swing-Away Extension Bracket Kit 55721 - White
Swing-Away brackets are designed to extend your jacks when additional width between the two front jacks is required to clear the fenders on dual wheel trucks. They bolt onto existing corner bracket, allowing jacks to ride inboard while traveling, then swing out for unloading. Due to the variety of camper sizes and truck trims, please verify that these swing-away brackets provide enough clearance for driver comfort during loading and unloading.
Compatible with
Rieco Titan Manual and Electric Truck Camper Jacks
Atwood Manual and Electric Truck Camper Jacks
Additional Info
16" x 5" x 1-1/4"
Clearance (brackets face forward)
4" each side
Clearance (brackets face outward)
3 ¾" each side
What's Included
2x Swing-away Brackets
Bolts for bracket to bracket
What's Not Included
Bolts for jack to bracket
Brackets that mount on camper
If you have Happijac jacks, these brackets will not fit your camper. Happijac jacks require the 540000 swing-away brackets for extension purposes.
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4 Reviews

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    Reich titan swing away brackets

    Posted by Emily on Sep 25th 2019

    Worked great. We have a 1997 Alphil with hijacker jacks. They are not made anymore. My husband had to drill one hole in the camper brackets because all the holes didn’t line up, but after that they work like a champ! Finally got the camper on our dually truck

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    Posted by Travis Wynn on Oct 10th 2018

    These are built very well and work great! I will note that the bolt application pattern shown here is not applicable, they should post a PDF of the install sheet that comes with them. These brackets seem like they would fit any camper and/ or jack ever built and works great with my dinosaur camper and bottle jacks that use C clamps. They gave me just what i needed to clear my Chevy's bumps.

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    Rieco Titan Swing-Away Brackets

    Posted by Nancy Kopp on Sep 20th 2018

    Even after a slight delay in shipping due to a back order, the product arrived nearly on time. The brackets are as pictured and fit easily onto our Artic Fox Camper. They allowed enough extra width in the front of the camper so we could load the camper onto our dually pickup.

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    Swing away camper extension brackets

    Posted by Roger Briggs on Sep 8th 2018

    We don't have a dually truck, but it's a F250 with an older camper. The jacks on the camper don't extend far enough to get up into the truck bed with out stands that I built. Of course the stands are wider than the jack feet. We had next to zero clearance between the back tires and the stands as we backed in and it was always nerve racking. If we bumped the stands, big problem. With these brackets, we gained about 8" total width, so it's no longer nerve wracking. Also, the camper stands alone with a wider stance so it's more stable.

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